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What is Self-Concept


What is Your Self-Concept?

Your self-concept is the largest generalization you make. It is a summary generalization of all the beliefs you have about yourself.

It is a common response by well-meaning people to spend decades studying, doing affirmations, investing in coaches, therapists, and trainings. They make this investment because they are trying to become the kind of person that can have the career, relationships, health and/or financial success they desire.

The problem, however, is that one cannot solve their problems by gaining more information- a person's self-concept will remain the same, regardless of added knowledge, tips, and tools.

So they spend years trying to change while barely changing at all.

A self-concept optimization plan is the first step in creating the thoughts, feelings, and actions that will allow your vision to be realized.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

What is Self-Concept Optimization?

Attempting to improve your career, finances, relationships or health without changing the automatic thoughts, feelings and actions that are holding your present circumstances in place can wastes decades.

Most people try to change their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors without using the mechanics that cause their automatic responses.

This can cause financial ruin, divorce, even major health complications.

When you engage with your team at you will have the changes facilitated that ensure your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are a reflection of your potential.

Updating your self-concept is the most precise way to transform your life. Because your potential is either constrained or expressed by your self-concept.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

How to create lasting change

You have a unique way of subconsciously organizing your beliefs into characteristics that define you. These characteristics are smaller, automatic assumptions you have about yourself which fall under the larger subconscious map of your personal identity.

Your identity is your Self-Concept

If you have tried everything to change, and nothing has really worked then your next step is to update your self-concept.

Because unless you assemble the results of all the changes you want to make into a form that provides evidence for being a different person, it won't affect your self-concept.

And if you don't affect your self-concept then the changes will only be momentary and not lasting.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

Who is ideal for this work?

Those with an internal locus of control.

This concept is usually divided into two categories: internal and external. If a person has an internal locus of control, that person attributes success to his or her own efforts and abilities. A person who expects to succeed will be more motivated and more likely to learn. A person with an external locus of control, who attributes his or her success to luck or fate, will be less likely to make the effort needed to learn. {source}

Build a self-concept optimization plan

Schedule a Self-Concept Optimization Plan™

A self-concept optimization plan is the first step in create the thoughts, feelings and actions that will allow your vision to be realized.

On this call you'll:

1. Take a look at your current situation to see what is/isn't working.

2. Identify what's possible regarding reaching your goals in the next 6-12 months with an optimized self-concept.

3. Uncover the #1 self-concept bottleneck restricting your access to competencies and capabilities and holding you back.

4. Develop a practical 3-step Action Plan for transforming your self-concept.

Build a self-concept optimization plan