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Transform Your Life by

Updating Your Self-Concept

• Choose a Goal

• Define What Kind of Person Achieves It

• Become that Person

Take the guesswork out of becoming the kind of person you want to be. With the help of the Self-Concept model™, you can confidently create a vision for yourself and develop a plan to become the person who creates it.

Free Interactive Class

Are you thinking about joining the Self-Concept Model™ Online Group Coaching?

If so, get a chance to see what it's like making an important change in any area of your life.

Join Damon Cart and Nathaneal Mohr in a live interactive class.

The focus of this class is the following:

1. Create Clarity: Get clear about the direction of a project or general area of your life that you need to make important decisions around.

2. Remove Resistance: Align your subconscious values so that you can change any resistance you have into emotions that empower you.

3. Build a Plan for Transformation: Build a plan to transform into the kind of person who naturally creates the life they want.

Online Group Coaching

Would you like to experience the potential you have locked inside of your self-concept?

You can when you join the Self-Concept Model Online Group Coaching.

Have an experienced Self-Concept model™ coach guide you through a transformation based on your goals. During the weekly online group coaching sessions, you will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to create any quality that supports your goals.

Gratitude For Our Founding Researcher

Since 1977, American psychotherapist and author Steve Andreas, along with his wife and partner Connirae, have been researching, teaching, and developing tools that positively change lives.

Steve personally mentored researcher and co-founder of, Damon Cart, until Steve passed away in 2018. Steve’s tremendous contribution to the field of personal change lives on in his work. The entire team here at the Self-Concept Research Group is dedicated to the continual development of what is possible in our students' lives by making improvements to their self-concept.

If You are a Teacher, Coach, Trainer or Therapist...

Meet Damon Cart.

Damon is a coach, speaker, and the co-founder of The Self-Concept Research Group who has been making NLP and personal development content online for nearly 8 years. He is the world’s leading expert in creating long-term, internal transformations using the Self-Concept model™. Once a depressed insurance agent grappling with a failing marriage, Damon used NLP to turn his life around and create the fulfilling life of his dreams. Now helps teachers, therapists, coaches and high-performance trainers create lasting change for their students and clients at the identity level.

Damon empowers his team of coaches and his clients to apply the framework that consistently provides life-altering results. When not traveling the world or spending time at his second home in Romania, he lives in Santa Cruz, CA where NLP was first created and developed.


🎤 In-person Presentation at NLP International Conference (London) - May 11th - 12th, 2024

🎤 In-person Presentation at UK Hypnosis Convention (London) - Nov 15th - 17th, 2024

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If you're are looking to participate or learn from our research project...

Meet Nathaneal Mohr.

Nathaneal is co-founder of The Self-Concept Research Group.

He is an independent researcher, consultant, and educator. Nathaneal is organizing the world's largest body of research on identity change. His special focus is on uncovering how changing the self-concept influences human performance.

If You Have Any Questions...

Meet Iulia Cart.

Iulia specializes in organizing our ongoing research on the Self-Concept model and integrating the leadership team. She holds everything together, provides cadence, and helps to execute the big picture.

If you or your team have any general questions on the following contact Iulia:

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