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Most counselors struggle to grow their practice

The virtual counseling industry is experiencing rapid growth due to high demand, but most counselors struggle to fill their client calendar because…

  • They don’t have a proven framework for consistent change

  • They act more like friends than transformational leaders

  • No one has given them a plan for growing their client base

  • They are not practicing outside of their office to develop key skills

When you have a system to predictably grow your practice and a framework that delivers real results for clients, you're able to make the difference in the world you have always wanted. Deliver even more value for clients and grow your practice as a counselor that is certified in the Self-Concept Model™.

Creating consistent change for your clients starts with a proven framework.

Having a path to influence the lasting change for your clients can be difficult. So it's natural to start researching new therapeutic skills, techniques, and modalities. With thousands of different modalities all promising change, it can feel confusing to know the right developmental track.

Although many different modalities are helpful. If you want a change to last it has to become apart of the self-concept. The most effective framework for getting changes to bind to the self-concept is the Self-Concept Model™.

When you change their self-concept in a session to reflect the behavior they want, their life changes.

How do you add the Self-Concept Model Certification to your credentials?


Attend classes & practice

Accelerate your career as a Transformational Counselor

Counselors Self-Concept Certified Are the Best in the World Because:

1. They use a proven framework for change

They can take the changes that their clients want and make them permanent aspects of their clients self-concept.

2. They get organized practice & feedback

Developing and honing the skills to change your clients' self-concept can be simple. To become great you have to practice and get real-life feedback from other pros.

3. They have processes that fill their client calendar

Filling up your client calendar becomes much easier when you have a uniquely empowering service that your clients and colleagues want to talk about with their friends and family.