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What will the next

chapter in your life be like

without your limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs prevent so many people from having the career, relationships, and health that is possible for them.

This is such a common situation yet, only very few can get to the other side of those limiting beliefs. My guess is that you will either recognize what I am about to share in yourself or others you know.

Personal Bias

If you or anyone you know wants to make a change or achieve something, but that change or achievement always feels out of reach. Then it probably means there is a personal bias that is preventing you from seeing the solution.

If so, then it's time to address a limiting belief.

The Maze

It's like trying to walk through a maze that you can solve but has barricades on the path to the exit of the maze. The maze itself has its challenges. But it's the barricades that actually prevent you from seeing the solution to your next step forward.

There is a real challenge in spotting those barricades or limiting beliefs. And there is a completely different challenge with knowing what to do with them.

What most people try

Most people try to address their own limiting beliefs with a short-term shift in their state or feelings. Or they try to address their limiting beliefs through learning theoretical concepts.

Changing your state can provide short-term relief, but it doesn't get to the root of the issue.

Since it doesn't get to the root, in a relatively short period of time the limiting belief sprouts again.

The theoretical concepts can create a feeling of progress. But if you can't test the theoretical concept you can't get feedback on the validity of the concepts.

If you can't get feedback, you can't know how to alter your actions.

If you don't alter your actions, you end up where you started in the first place. But maybe a little worse off.

Because you added to that feeling of fear that..."maybe you can't change or achieve that outcome"

Because of that, it can be really difficult to tell what is actually possible. Is that career, relationship, or change in your health possible without that limiting belief or is it just a dream?

What you can do

Everyone at the Self-Concept, Research Group has struggled with limiting beliefs at some point. No one is perfect, we are all a work in progress.

This includes Damon and Myself. We all start somewhere. For each of us, there was a moment where we were not sure if we could change. Then there was a moment where we did change.

Those changes were possible not because of magic or luck. They happened because of the repetition of focus on the right Models, Skills, and Projects for Change. Now lives are transforming all over the world. Because our community is becoming the most effective change practitioners on the planet.

How everyone starts

They all start by learning how to access their own internal processes. Then they learn how to make small alterations to how well those internal processes function. Later they are able to influence how their own identity functions. Some will choose to use this to support the change of others. Those that dedicate themselves that way see the most advanced levels of change possible.

When you know how to update how the self-concept works you can change a life forever. Because life gets a lot easier when you have the kind of self-concept that naturally creates what you want.

That is why practitioners, therapists, and coaches train with us. That's also why high performers and those dedicated to their own personal transformation work with people we train.

When you join the 3-part Removing Limiting Beliefs workshop you can learn how to coach yourself and others towards permanent change.

You can get a chance to see what it's like to work with Damon and myself while experiencing progress with your own personal changes.

By the end of the three days, you will understand how we work as well as have real-life experience with removing some of your own limiting beliefs.

Some students attend this 3 part workshop over and over again. Because each time you practice the skills taught at this workshop life gets better.

When you can remove your own limiting beliefs you literally remove the barriers to the success you have been wanting

Here is what to do next

1. Schedule a Self-Concept Optimization Plan

2. Build a plan to make the changes you want

3. Experience the freedom that comes from becoming your ideal-self.

Would you like help developing the skills to facilitate lasting change for yourself or others?

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