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A Facilitated Process That Transforms Your Life By Updating Your Self-Concept

The only system that can optimize your identity with precision to reach your goals.

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Take the Assessment

Answer a few questions and get clarity around your vision. 

Review Your Results

Gain a deeper understanding of who you need to become in order to create that vision.  

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Call a self-concept transformation facilitator™ to build a plan to transform your self-concept so you instinctively reach your goals.

What is the Self-Concept?

Your self-concept is a summary of the beliefs you have about yourself and has almost exclusive control over every one of your emotional and intellectual reactions.

You have a unique way of subconsciously organizing these beliefs into characteristics that define you. These characteristics are smaller, automatic assumptions you have about yourself which fall under the larger subconscious map of your personal identity.

With the help of one of our experienced guides trained in using the Self-Concept model™, you can now reorganize those subconscious characteristics, acquire new ones, and remove the self-sabotaging ones. You will then find yourself automatically creating the results you want.  The research done here at is designed to create for you impactful, long-term transformations and give you access to more of your potential.

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Your Self-Concept = Your Reality

Everything you have in life that is within your control, both desirable and undesirable, is a reflection of your self-concept. The results you create are a combination of the beliefs you have about the world, the beliefs you have about yourself, and how those beliefs interact with one another.

Your self-concept defines your personal identity and impacts every thought, feeling and action you take.

Have you heard the phrase Perception is Projection?   This means we don't see the world as it is; we see it as we are.  And we always take actions accordingly.

Do You Struggle Becoming Who You Want to Be?

If you are  failing to succeed in an area of your life and not seeing the results you want, our research shows that the problem lies within the self-concept.  

The good news is that the alternative is also true - creating the life you want becomes second nature when your self-concept supports it.

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Facts About Your Potential

You were born with the same potential as the most significant leaders, innovators, and saints in history. It was the accidental and haphazard development of your self-concept by teachers, parents, and other well-meaning caregivers that either helped you access your potential or not.

Some people get lucky and form a self-concept that serves them well, but most of us don’t end up with a self-concept that supports our potential.

Even in the very best cases, before applying the Self-Concept model™ to their lives, individuals hold some beliefs about themselves that do not support their goals.

Now you have the chance to choose how you develop your self-concept and be the kind of person you've always imagined you could be.

Which Area of Your Life Would Benefit the Most from an Updated Self-Concept?

Where to Start

1. Take The Self-Concept Assessment™ 

Answer a few questions and get clarity around your vision. 

2. Review Your Results

Gain a deeper understanding of who you need to become in order to create that vision.  

3. Get Your Starter Kit  

Follow the Self-Concept model™ and begin transforming yourself in order to reach your goals. 

What Makes the Self-Concept Model™ Different from Anything Else You Have Tried?

The Self-Concept model™ is revolutionary because it is a proven framework that positively alters your identity.  This exciting new body of research makes it possible for you to automatically become the kind of person that achieves your goals.

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