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Update your Self-Concept to exceed your sales targets

Attempting to improve your sales career without changing the automatic thoughts, feelings and actions
that holding your present reality in place can waste decades.

This can cause a perpetual financial rollercoaster. We can help you locate and remove the inner patterns that create your ceiling of sales career. We can also help you replace them with the personal qualities that will drive your success forward.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

A well-optimized self-concept does two things.

1. Removes the beliefs about yourself that are making closing the next deal harder than it needs to be.

2. Increases your mental bandwidth and
psychological potential so you prospect, follow up and convert the highest paying clients.

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Build a self-concept optimization plan

You will never sell more than what you think you are capable of

Sales people spend decades studying, doing affirmations, investing in coaches and trainings. They make this investment because they are trying to become the kind of sales person that will consistently progress in their sales career and get the financial success we want.

The problem is that whats holding them back isn't more information, its how their self-concept automatically responds. Those automatic responses when it comes to their sales activities. These are the thoughts, feelings and actions that are based on how our self-concept was developed in growing up.

So they spend years trying to change, but barely changing at all. With the self-concept optimization plan, designed just for you, you'll be able to evolve faster giving you decades of productive change condensed into a single year of transformations.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

Your plan for becoming a Self-Concept Optimized™ Salesperson

1. Schedule an appointment.

2. Get a custom plan to transform your self-concept.

3. Have an expert coach, facilitate the change that will improve your performance as a salesperson.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

Create changes that improve your ROI

We help salespeople double their averages.
Because we optimize the automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around each step in their sales cycle.

With the right changes to your self-concept, you can close more deals and grow your commissions.

Other sales training teach you sales techniques.

We will help you make the inner changes that give you the sales instincts that will drive your results.

Build a self-concept optimization plan

Become your ultimate advantage and outperform your competition

We believe that you have more capability than you have tapped into. Because of that belief, we have made it our mission to help sales people reach their highest level of performance.

We do that with the specialized skill of self-concept optimization™

You can focus self-concept level changes in areas such as:









With the right changes to your self-concept, you can break through to the next level of your sales career.

Become the outlier in your industry because of who you are.
Update your self-concept.

Ready to take your sales performance to the next level?

Build a self-concept optimization plan