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How to remove Public speaking anxiety

How to remove public speaking anxiety

June 03, 20242 min read

“The part of you that’s anxious about public speaking isn’t just there to ruin your day. It has a positive intention: it wants you to shine and avoid public humiliation.”

Public speaking anxiety is as common as finding a cat video on the internet. Recently, in the Ultimate NLP Practitioner community, one of our brave students asked about conquering this fear. Damon offered a suggestion. Here’s a breakdown of Damon’s wisdom and how you can use it to transform your public speaking jitters into pure performance gold.

Understanding the Root of Anxiety

Anxiety is like that annoying friend who always points out everything that could go wrong. When you obsess over potential slip-ups, you’re essentially rehearsing for disaster. This negative focus not only cranks up your anxiety but also makes those very slip-ups more likely. Thanks, brain. 🧠

Damon’s NLP Insight: Parts Integration

Damon Cart’s secret sauce for handling this anxiety? A nifty technique called parts integration. Here’s how you can use it to turn that annoying friend into a supportive cheerleader:

  1. Identify the Positive Intention:

    • The part of you that’s anxious about public speaking isn’t just there to ruin your day. It has a positive intention: it wants you to shine and avoid public humiliation.

    • Recognize this part is trying to help you, in its own weird way.

  2. Negotiate with Yourself:

    • Realize that focusing on avoiding mistakes is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

    • Shift your focus to how you want to perform. Visualize yourself nailing it and basking in applause.

    • Have a heart-to-heart with your unconscious mind. Let it know that reviewing mistakes is important, but it can wait until after the speech, not during your shining moment.

  3. Be Present and Focused:

    • While speaking, stay fully present and focus on your message.

    • Trying to fix mistakes on the fly is like trying to change a tire while driving – not advisable.

Practical Steps to Implement Parts Integration

  1. Visualization:

    • Spend time future pacing yourself speaking confidently and flawlessly. Picture the audience hanging on your every word, nodding in approval.

  2. Mental Rehearsal:

    • Regularly practice mental rehearsals on delivering a perfect speech. This trains your brain to expect and aim for success rather than avoid failure.

  3. Post-Speech Review:

    • Commit to reviewing any mistakes or areas for improvement after your speech. This allows you to stay focused during the performance and learn constructively afterward.

Here is the thing about public speaking

Public speaking doesn’t have to feel like walking a tightrope over a shark tank. By understanding the roots of your fear and applying NLP techniques like parts integration, you can transform your approach. Focus on how you want to perform, mentally rehearse success, and allow yourself to be fully present during your speech. Remember, your unconscious mind is your ally, guiding you towards improvement and excellence in your public speaking endeavors.

If you want to practice parts integration with us later this week, go here.

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