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Step 1. 

Wait for your email

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Contact if you never received the email. Before that make sure you check all of the possible folders where our email could land into and in case it is not in the main inbox, add our email address to your list.

Step 2. 

Reflect on the areas of your life you would like to work on. 

Practicing with the swish pattern is a great start.  

When using change tools like the swish pattern: 

It's important to remember the experiences in your life that you create are a combination of three things. 

1. The beliefs you have about the world

2. The beliefs you have about yourself

3. How those beliefs interact with one another.

Your self-concept defines your personal identity and impacts every thought, feeling, and action you take.

With the help of one of our experienced guides trained in using the Self-Concept Model™, you can now reorganize those subconscious characteristics, acquire new ones, and remove the self-sabotaging ones. You will then find yourself automatically creating the type of responses that will help your life the most. The research done here at is designed to facilitate impactful, long-term transformations, and give you access to more of your potential.

Step 3. 

Schedule a 30 minute call and create a Self-Concept Optimization Plan™

Book a 30 minute Self-Concept Optimization Session™ with Damon, Nathaneal or one of the Self-Concept Transformation Facilitators to design a Plan that will unlock your capability.

On this call you'll:  

1. Take a look at your current situation to see what is/isn't working.

2. Identify what's possible regarding reaching your goals in the next 6-12 months with an optimized self-concept.

3. Uncover the #1 self-concept bottleneck restricting your competencies and capabilities. 

4. Develop a practical 3-step Action Plan for transforming your self-concept. 

Nathaneal Mohr is an independent researcher, consultant, and educator dedicated to uncovering how identity level change plays a role in our happiness, health, relationships and overall personal performance.

Damon Cart is a speaker, internationally renowned trainer and coach. Damon's clients include a range of Silicon Valley Founders, Executives, and high-performance coaches.