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The Self-Concept Introductory Training

 The Self-Concept Model Starter Pack™ is a powerful exploration into the nature of your self-concept for only $97.00

Discover the basics

Be introduced to what your self-concept, self-image and self-esteem really is and how they are the key to everything you are going to achieve in your life.

Learn what it takes to transform

Uncover what true transformation is by sculpting your self-concept intentionally, rather than having the outside world alter your beliefs about yourself haphazardly.

Take away practical action steps

How to create deep identity changes that positively impact your relationships, finances or health

Are you ready to transform your self-concept and overcome any of life's challenges? 

Get the Self-Concept Model Starter Pack™ at the deepest discount possible, with a digital book, 4 live group trainings and a supportive community to practice with. 

Your Self-Concept Model Starter Pack™ includes the following

  • A one hour call with a trained Self-Concept Model™ facilitator to help you determine what Quality to model.  This call prepares you to create your own identity transformations that will last a lifetime.  

  • A digital copy of Steve Andreas' powerful book Transforming Your Self which well help exemplify how unique and powerful the Self-Concept model™ is for personal change.

  • Self-Concept model™ interviews published monthly with people who have used the Self-Concept model™ for their work in therapy, personal performance, and change work.

  • Access to the Level 1 (Beginner) Self-Concept model™ Facebook community where coaches, therapists, and dedicated practitioners discuss how to use the Self-Concept model™ to change their lives and the lives of others. 

  • Priority access to the Self-Concept Model™ Group Coaching Level- 2 (Self-Mastery) when there is availability. 

Temporary 30% Off Price

$97.00/Regular Price $145.00

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Everything included in the Self-Concept Starter Pack is designed to strengthen areas of your self-concept that will support the changes you want to make. No matter what the circumstances, you can create the vision you have for your life. 

 If you are struggling right now, if you feel uncertainty, know this: life’s challenges reveal the places within us that can be healed and, ultimately, transformed. The Self-Concept Starter Pack teaches you how to be an active participant in how you use the many ups and downs of your human adventure so that you choose a self-concept that provides the experiences and emotions that support you.

Use this work to face your biggest challenges

“In just one day, I noticed my behaviors were changing. It's like a domino affect, it's now affecting all the other aspects of my life.”

Clair • Case Study

Don't wait, now is the time.

“Absolutely do it, don’t wait. If you are in any kind of distress don’t wait.”

Erika • Case Study


“This is a very safe perspective for changing yourself into who you want to be. This is not anyone else's recipe for you, this comes from you.”

Daniel • Case Study

About Your Instructor

Damon Cart is a speaker, internationally renowned trainer and coach. Damon's clients include a range of Silicon Valley Founders, Executives, and high-performance coaches.

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