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Create a sales goal

Do you know where you want to go?  The clearer you are on this, the easier it is to know who you need to become.

Transform your agents

When your self-concept reflects the type of real estate agent that consistently reaches the goal, success will become automatic.

Reach your sales gaol

Enjoy the newfound freedom that comes from having the self-concept of a top producer.

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz is a leading provider of highly customizable real estate sales training solutions that are designed to drive revenue, top sales performance, and ROI for your real estate agents. 

 The training program for real estate agents results in long-lasting behavior changes and measurable results. Peter brings charisma and a passion for teaching to his introductory keynote presentation, The Self-Concept of a Top Producer.

Peters Introductory Training for Real Estate Agents

The Self-Concept of a Top Producer

How to Transform into a Top Producing Agent

We are fascinated by the real estate agents who perform at the highest level. What sets them apart? It's their self-concept. But what is the self-concept, and how do you change it so that your sales results reflect that of a top producer? 

With stories from his research and coaching of high-performing agents, and practical how-to action steps, Peter helps you transform the beliefs that have held you you back from producing at your highest level.

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