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Unlock your limitless potential  

Create your Self-Concept Optimization Plan™ 

Create Clarity

Get clear about the direction of a project or general area of your life that you need to make important decisions about.

Remove Resistance

Align your subconscious values so that you can change any resistance you have into emotions that empower you.

Build a Plan To Transform Your Self-Concept

Build a plan to transform into the kind of person who naturally creates the life they want.

How to Prepare for Your call

1. Make sure you are rested.

2. Bring a pen, pencil and paper. Have something to drink and get comfortable.  

3. Close down all distractions before joining your call. Be ready to focus. The more you bring to your self-concept optimization planning session, the more you will get out of it.

4. If something changes in your calendar, please email us and let us know. There are a limited number of spots available and communication is the key to helping our community transform. 

What Past Self-Concept Optimization Clients Are Saying

How would you rate your time invested in a Self-Concept Transformation Plan?

Would you recommend a self-concept optimization from the Self-Concept Research group to family or friends? 

About your facilitators

Nathaneal Mohr is an independent researcher, consultant, and educator dedicated to uncovering how identity level change plays a role in our happiness, health, relationships and overall personal performance.

Damon Cart is a speaker, internationally renowned trainer, and coach. He is known as the leading expert in creating long-term, internal transformations that change the external world of his students.