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Damon Cart

Damon Cart, co-founder of The Self-Concept Research Group, has guided thousands of personal transformations at the identity level. Damon started out apprenticing under Steve Andreas, the original researcher of the Self-Concept model™. He is now one of the lead researchers and most experienced trainers of this framework anywhere in the world.  

Damon is strengthening the impact that coaches, trainers, teachers, and therapists are making by teaching them how to create life-long lasting change for their students and clients. He delivers his introductory keynote with the passion and experience you’ve come to expect from such an outstanding speaker.

Damon's Introductory Keynote for Coaches, Teachers, and Therapists  

The Power Of Your Self-Concept

The Truth About Who You Are

We are all fascinated by the change-makers who can have an interaction with a student or client and positively alter their lives forever. What sets them apart? It's their process for change. 

The Self-Concept model™ provides any teacher, coach, or trainer with the opportunity to make lasting change for those they are looking to help. But what is the Self-Concept model, and how do you use it to become a facilitator of lasting change? 

With stories from his research and its impact on the lives of his clients, Damon exemplifies the value of his work. He adds practical how-to action steps, and shows you what it takes to shape the self-concept of others.

Trusted by Leading Change Experts

"Damon Cart has a much better understanding of how my self-concept model works than anyone else I've ever worked with. He has an unusual ability to grasp the depth and details of the methodology, as well as a lot of energy, vitality, and commitment. It is a pleasure to recommend his training."

- Steve Andreas, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer

"Damon Cart first has a passion for learning and second a passion for learning NLP, he is both systemic and systematic in his approach. He is a master trainer and coach. He has made it a rule to learn from the best in NLP and to create a deep, wide and rich map of both conscious and unconscious approaches to change. Well, in short, ‘Damon Rocks’. You will be enriched by learning from him."

Judith DeLozier, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer and Co-developer

"I met Damon Cart last year (2015) at NLP U. and have been impressed with his commitment to learn NLP in a thorough and deep way as well as his commitment to revitalize NLP in the USA. Damon is well-grounded in the fundamentals of NLP.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D, Author, NLP Developer

"I'm very impressed with Damon Cart. Damon is what you look for in a teacher - one who is himself a life-long student. He looks for what works and is dedicated to mastering the craft."

- Doug O'Brien, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Author


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