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Interviews with real students that are learning how to transform their own self-concept

Updating his self-concept gave him access to the inner resources to significantly grow his income 

In this interview Antwain shares his experience transforming the qualities that influenced the raise in his income and the overall change in his finances. 

Optimizing his self-concept improved the quality his relationships

In this interview Denny shares his experience transforming the generalizations that influenced the his relationships. 

Completely transformed his business with updating his self-concept

Here is an interview with Online Group Coaching member Peter Schwartz. In this interview Peter shares his experience transforming the quality of productive and how his business grew because of it. 

Removed anxiety that was preventing her from the success she wanted 

In this interview Deni shares her experience transforming the an unwanted quality that removed her work related anxiety.  Because of that change she is getting access to much more opportunities. 

Found the deepest kind of change for herself and her clients

Watch Clair's interview and how she explains the difference between working with the self-concept vs other modalities of change.

Built a solid self-concept that supports her in ways she wish she had a long time ago

Watch Erika explain how the changes to her self-concept change how she experiences her skills and abilities.  She urges those that watch the video not to wait.