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Transform Your Group 

by Updating their Self-Concept

Create a Vision • Transform your group • Reach your goal


Expert Guidance

Change The Future Of 

The People In Your Company


Your Group Transforms

Get Expert Guidance

Change the Future of 

the People in Your Audience

Ensure your Group Transforms

How to Book a Workshop

Schedule a Consult

Speak to one of our experienced trainers who will ask a series of questions to best customize the two-day training to your group's needs.

Choose a Date

Let's get you set up for your two-day event. Choose the date and time that works best for you and your group.

Enjoy the Workshop

Be the catalyst for exponential change. Update the self-concept of every person in your group, so they become the type of individual who naturally reaches their goals.

Is Your Group Not Performing at its Highest Potential?

We have drifted from our mission

We are not living our core values

There is not a sense of trust and mutual respect

We have so much potential but aren't living up to it

Some people are contributing, and some people aren't

The leadership is not shared

We don't collaborate well

The development of the people on the team has stalled

We are not on track with our goals

Who Uses Private Group Self-Concept Transformations to Meet Their Goals?


What impact could your team make if every individual's self-concept was aligned with the company's core values?


Unlock the power of your self-concept to reach your business goals. 


Achieve your teaching or learning goals by updating your self-concept.

Sales Teams

Achieve your sales goals by updating the self-concept of every individual on the team. 

Self-Concept Group Transformation Ratings

How would you rate your overall experience at the workshop?

How would you rate the Self-Concept model facilitator?

What is the likelihood you would recommend a group Self-Concept Transformation to friends and family?

Private Self-Concept 

Group Transformation Deliverables

A clear path of personal change for your group

The alignment of the group’s values and the values of the organization

Ongoing issues resolved for good

Action steps that bring the biggest return 

going forward

How will your group benefit from a private Self-Concept workshop?

If each person in your group does not have a self-concept that supports the goals of the entire group, it is unlikely that your team will reach or sustain its goals. A Self-Concept Private Workshop™ transforms each individual on your team into the person they need to become in order to achieve your team's goals.

Here's how it works:

A Self-Concept model™ facilitator will come to your group and lead a customized workshop based on your goals. During the workshop, everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to create any quality in themselves that supports their goals and the goals of the group.