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Choose a live group coaching session that works best for you.  Practice weekly and build the skills to transform your self-concept.

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Get one-on-one and group support from a qualified Self-Concept model coach. 

If you get stuck at any step in your transformation, you will have a trained facilitator to help you.

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What students say inside Self-Concept Group Coaching

You Do Not Have to Struggle to Create Your Vision

I have drifted from life's purpose

I'm not living my values the way I know I can

I know I have a lot of potential but I don't have a sense of what to do next in my life

I have so much potential but I'n not using it

Sometimes I get stuck and don't know how to change

I don't feel like the leader of my own life

I don't feel connected to the people I care about

My personal growth has stalled

I am not on track with my goals

Who Uses the Self-Concept Model to Their Secret Advantage? 


What impact could you make if your self concept supported your goals?


Unlock the therapeutic benefits of updating your clients' self-concepts.

High Performers

Performance is based on what you believe about yourself. Update your beliefs. 


Transform yourself and others and stand apart as a world-class coach. 

Self-Concept Model™ 

Online Group Coaching Ratings

How would you rate your overall experience with Self-Concept coaching?

How would you rate your Self-Concept model™ coach?

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Self-Concept Model™

Online Group Coaching Deliverables

A clear path to personal change

The alignment of your values

Years of issues resolved for good

Action steps to become the kind of person who can achieve the vision you have for your life

What students say about the Self-Concept group coaching


3 Things You Need To Know To Be A Profitable Coach  

3 Things You Need To Know To Be An Effective Coach

Transforming Your Self Online Training

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Boundaries Of The Self

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How Will You Benefit from Self-Concept Coaching?

If you don't have a self-concept that supports your goals, there is no way to sustain progress toward your vision. 

Online Self-Concept Group Coaching uses a proven framework in guiding students to transform their lives by updating their self-concept. 

Here is How it Works:

A trained Self-Concept model coach will lead a customized,  online group coaching session every week.  During these small group coaching sessions, they will help you transform into the kind of person who can create the vision you have for your life. 

In each session, you will be practicing a different part of the Self-Concept model™.    You will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to install any quality you want that supports your goals.  

Whenever you get stuck and you need a little personal assistance, reach out and schedule a quick one-on-one chat with a Self-Concept coach.  This will ensure that you keep evolving into the kind of person who naturally reaches their goals.

Transforming Connected

Check out this interview with Self-Concept Model Online Group Coaching member Denny Ransom.

In this interview Denny shares his experience transforming the quality of connected. 

Building the skills to consistently Transform

Watch this interview with Online Group Coaching Member Vincent Blow talk about using the Self-Concept Model™ to keep improving. This is a great conversation about the long lasting impacts of identity level change.

Transforming Outgoing

Here is an interview with Online Group Coaching member Antwain Miguel.In this interview Antwain shares his experience transforming the quality of outgoing and how he went from shy to not knowing a stranger.

Transforming Serenity

Here is an interview with Self-Concept Model Group Coaching Member Kat Jennings.  In this interview she talks about some advanced topics as well as how she transformed serenity as a quality of her self-concept.

What students are saying about Self-Concept Coaching

This is It

"Yes, it is a truly wonderful model, and for me and my clients it had a huge impact."

Silvia Vila

Life is So Different

"So, since implementing the Self-Concept model...

I've nearly filled my coaching practice.

My clients are getting amazing results.

I'm moving into a new place.

I'm eating better/exercising more.

I am more productive."

Peter Schwartz

Feeling Thankful 😃

"I finished the program on Sunday and there are so many things I can share!

To sum up, I would say 'Holy crap! who is this woman?!'

Two days into my 'transformed self', some habits I had been struggling to implement for so long are now impossible NOT to!  And it is both easy and energizing."

Claire Wild