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Admissions for the Self-Concept Practitioner Certification that

Makes Personal Transformation Precise and Predictable

Get step-by-step guidance to develop the skills for transforming the self-concept of yourself and others


Expert Guidance

Change The Future Of 

The People In Your Company


Your Group Transforms

Join Live Group Transformations

Get Expert Guidance

Get the deepest type of change

Go from unsure how to change to radical transformation

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of developing the skills to create the deepest types of change. With our frameworks for learning, support, and mentoring, you can confidently create permanent change without spending a fortune on seminars and certifications. It is important to note upfront that our admissions process is quite competitive.

Our admissions process

It takes thoughtful guidance to develop the skills to optimize your own self-concept. But without those skills, it's likely you will go your entire life without solving the issues blocking your full potential. It is our mission to make sure that everyone who joins a cohort at the Self-Concept Research Group becomes their ideal SELF. So if the wrong people are allowed into a group it will distract the coaches from helping the rest of the members reach their potential.

Because of that, we have created an admissions process. The focus of the admissions process is to ensure that the right people are allowed in. And the wrong people are not allowed to join a group. If this process achieves its goal then everyone accepted will become their ideal SELF. Because everyone who is accepted will develop advanced skills of self-concept transformation.

Who is accepted and 

who is not

At the SCRG, we feel your frustration if you know you have more potential than you have accessed. The truth is you don't have to fight your subconscious when creating the life you want. In a very practical way, you can now become transformational.

You can even become one of the most skilled in the world at personal transformation in just a few short years.

All it requires is the right community and mentorship. Then a progressive development of the right skillsets. Because of this, we have invested our focus in creating a comprehensive admissions process.

We are not just creating a place where you can access the most effective models for change work. We are creating one of the best communities in the world for developing the skills of self-transformation.

Thats why we only accept those who:

✅ Are committed to consistent improvement
✅ Have an internal locus of control
✅ Can follow clear directions

What you can expect

You will be partnered with one of our Student Success Coaches that is also qualified to be an admission counselor. They will walk you through how to create a customized path for your learning. 

During your orientation call, you plan your next 90 days inside of your program. If you approach your first 90 days well, you will get to know yourself, the model and ensure one significant transformation within your first 90 days. 

Your Student Succes Coach will also benefit from getting to know you. The orientation call is also treated like a second interview. The interview is to evaluate the likelihood of long-term success within your cohort. That orientation meeting will include will include some homework.

Only after your will you be notified if you are accepted to join a cohort. If you are not accepted you will be refunded your investment and there will be no further obligations from either party. If you are accepted you will be granted access to your cohort.

Next steps

1. Apply 

2. Enjoy the experience of personal change within our admissions process. 

3. Transform your own self-concept in one context of your life within 90 days. Consider this one context being something like your health, wealth or relationships. 

The path for accepted applicants to develop the skills for change 

Get Access to Your Course Materials & Live Coaching Calls

Get ongoing access to a growing library of live and recorded course materials all designed to help you transform your life.

Choose the Live Coaching Sessions That Work for You

Choose a live group coaching session that works best for you.  Practice weekly and build the skills to transform your self-concept.

Get Support from a Trained Coach

Get one-on-one and group support from a qualified Self-Concept model coach. 

If you get stuck at any step in your transformation, you will have a trained facilitator to help you.

Who Uses The Self-Concept Practitioner Certification as Their Secret Advantage? 


What impact could you make if your self concept supported your goals?


Unlock the therapeutic benefits of updating your clients' self-concepts.

High Performers

Performance is based on what you believe about yourself. Update your beliefs and you update your performance. 


Transform yourself and others and stand apart as a world-class coach. 

Self-Concept Model™

Online Group Coaching & Certification Deliverables

The foundation of how our identity works so every change you want to make going forward last 

The models for change that will allow you to take issues that have sustained for years and finally resolve them

Step-by-step guidance to develop Projects for change that create precise changes within yourself you want you have always wanted

Get better every month with a clear path to develop the most advanced skills of personal change

How do our members benefit from Self-Concept Coaching?

If you don't have a self-concept that supports your goals, there is no way to sustain progress toward your vision. 

The coaches behind the Self-Concept Practitioner Certification use a proven framework for guiding students to transform their lives by updating their self-concept.  

Keep raising your vision for your life and updating your self-concept every 90 days after. When you follow the progressive guidance for transforming your own self-concept something exceptional happens. 

You will enjoy becoming more skilled than 99.9% of the world at influencing personal transformation within three years.  

Here is how the certification cohort works:

A trained Self-Concept model coach will lead a customized,  online group coaching session every week.  During these small group coaching sessions, they will help you transform into the kind of person who can create the vision you have for your life. 

In each session, you will be practicing a different part of the Self-Concept model™.    You will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to install any quality you want that supports your goals.  

Whenever you get stuck and you need a little personal assistance, reach out and schedule a quick one-on-one chat with a Self-Concept Coach.  This will ensure that you keep evolving into the kind of person who naturally reaches their goals.