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Welcome Video for the Self-Concept Practitioner Certification that

Makes Personal Transformation Precise and Predictable

Get step-by-step guidance to develop the skills for transforming the self-concept of yourself and others

Watch the video 

Get a quick understanding of what you can expect 

Take notes 

Questions will come up, this is a great chance to have them answered

Enjoy your welcome 

After you watch this video you will meet with your coach to get all your questions answered and officially get started


We’ll help you take the guesswork out of developing the skills to create the deepest types of change. With our frameworks for learning, support, and mentoring, you can confidently create permanent change without spending a fortune on seminars and certifications.  Start your journey with this welcome video. 

Self-Concept Coach

Ismael Dreger

Ismael is a Certified Self-Concept Coach and NLP Trainer. He is a researcher, coach, and educator at the Self-Concept Research Group. He is an expert at navigating changes that improve his clients' ability to develop deep relationships. He also has a significant list of clients that have improved their work performance and income because of it. 

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