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Welcome to the Team!  

We are excited to get to know you. 


You should receive it shortly in your confirmation email.

If you have any questions, 

email our team at

Step 1. 

Wait for your email

You will receive the information in your inbox. It may take a few minutes until you receive it. While waiting for the email to arrive, move forward to step 2.

Contact if you never received the email. Before that make sure you check all of the possible folders where our email could land into and in case it is not in the main inbox, add our email address to your list.

Step 2. 

Connect with the team

There are only a few spots available.  Because of that we want to make sure that everyone that joins us is ready and a right fit for the guest pass. 

Step 3. 

Enjoy the special student workshop. 

Health by Design: Achieving Optimal Wellness Through a Self-Concept First Approach

We are here for you.  Remember if you have any questions just reach out to