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Discover The NLP Model That Makes Lifelong Identity-level Change Possible 

How the Self-Concept Model™ amplifies the power of NLP

Elevate Your Ability to use NLP with Precision for Lasting Change  

Use the Self-Concept Model™ so you can consistently move yourself and others towards personal identity level transformations

Download the Self-Concept Model Certification Synopsis and Discover:

How to gain world-class qualifications for a rewarding, flexible career on your terms

The reliable framework for therapy and coaching proven to yield a lifetime of results

How to create lasting change for your clients that separates you from other coaches and therapists  

Why remote and in-person clients want to invest in the Self-Concept Model, offering unparalleled results.

The reliable system to make your coaching and therapy outcomes STICK and have a lasting impact.

Where to gain world-class qualifications for a rewarding, flexible career on your terms.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

The name NLP includes the three primary components of how humans experience reality: neurology, language and programming.  

NLP outlines the processes among the mind, language, and how they work together to affect our body and behavior.

What is the Self-Concept Model?

The Self-Concept Model™ was developed by Steve Andreas and is a step-by-step process for mapping how your subconscious mind organizes your identity.  It then uses your unique map to expand or install beliefs, personality traits, characteristics, qualities and capabilities in order to help you reach your goals.  The result is the deepest level of change possible.  Allowing you and your clients to become the kind of people that create the career, relationships, health, wealth, and quality of life that have been elusive until now. 

How the Self-Concept Model Creates Life-long Change

Imagine you could achieve even more powerful results from a coaching or therapeutic session for your clients and patients because you were able to make shifts beyond the behavior level and all the way to the identity level.  Patients and clients report life-altering changes when guided through the Self-Concept Model™ both in person and remotely over a video conference. 

Who is The Self-Concept Model™ Certification For?


It is for professional coaches, therapists, healers, and teachers looking for the very best NLP model to guide themselves and their clients, students, or patients for maximum positive impact.

Become Qualified in the Most Effective Model for Facilitating Change at the Identity-level

A simple method to loving what you do and doing what you love: learn how to have the unique advantage as a therapist or performance coach and get paid what you're worth, from clients who value and respect you.

How to stand out as a therapist or coach with a world-class reputation: have a neverending supply of clients because of the lifelong impact you make in their lives by facilitating the transformation of their self-concept.

How learning from the best will accelerate your career: enjoy the confidence that comes from being certified by the only trainer in the world that has been endorsed to teach the Self-Concept Model™.

About Your Instructor

Damon Cart is a speaker, internationally renowned trainer and coach. Damon's clients include a range of Silicon Valley Founders, Executives, and high-performance coaches and is the only person that Steve Andreas has ever personally endorsed to teach the Self-Concept Model™.

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