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#1 Myth of Motivation

Whenever you're ready.  

Here are three ways we can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to replace the mental programming that's been sabotaging you with a mindset that makes your goals possible. 

If you want to take your coaching career to the next level.

If you want to work on yourself with 1-on-1 help from Damon Cart.

Before we get started, how familiar are you with making changes at the level of your self-concept?

I’ve never updated my self-concept before

I’ve had at least one in-depth change experience

I’ve updated my self-concept before, I’m here with new goals

Thanks for sharing.  

Before we schedule your assistant to help you create a plan to optimize your self-concept...

There is one question for you.

Do you want to learn more about how updating your self-concept works?

I want to learn more about how updating my self-concept works.

I’m ready to schedule a time with my assistant.


The consultation is quick, friendly and it's free. Select one of the options available. 

Did you find a suitable time?




Your next step is to watch your quick video to prepare for your call.

 It is around 7 minutes long.

Okay. Check this one and see if you can find a different time that works for you. 

Were you able to schedule a call?



Sorry about that. Let us know what’s the problem and we’ll reach out to you.

So how does updating your self-concept work?

The self-concept is how your nervous system organizes the thoughts, feelings, and actions it should trigger.

That's why everything - within your control - that you have created in your life is a reflection of your self-concept.

Unfortunately, your self-concept was formed haphazardly growing up. That haphazard organization has created haphazard results in your life. 


What do people typically hope to achieve by updating their self-concepts? 

Replacing limiting beliefs about yourself

Strengthening positive beliefs

Helping you feel better - and stay that way

Helping you feel more capable and worthy

Raising your self-esteem

All of the above

When it comes to updating your self-concept, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

That’s why we finish every assessment with scheduling a Self-Concept Optimization Plan™. 

In order to build your Self-Concept Optimization Plan™, we are going to do 3 things.

1. Review one goal you would like to accomplish

2. Look at the strengths in your self-concept

3. Look at your weaknesses in your self-concept

We will take the summary of what we find together and design a plan with you :) 

That plan will give you what you need to optimize your self-concept so you reach your goals a lot quicker.